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Posted : admin On 9/5/2018
Playstation 4 Steering Wheel And PedalsBest Steering Wheel For Ps3 Gran Turismo 6

Find great deals on eBay for gaming steering wheel ps3. Shop with confidence. Best PC Steering Wheel Getting your hands on the best PC Steering Wheel is not easy. There are so many different brands and models on the market that just getting started can be a complicated process for many people.

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After a writing spree in May earlier this year • (800+ views on a single day, thank you everyone!) • • (most hated article because I “joked” about iRacing’s Monaco race track being the best; that was plain stupid; sorry everyone!) I was plain lazy, captured in a world between online racing and forging my real life future. Without further artificial and irrelevant ado, what better time if not now, to discuss the Best PlayStation 4 Steering Wheel? Regular readers know that I tend to ignore lower priced racing gear. For good reason: If you ever want to be chase aliens (like ), a subpar wheel/pedal combo is no serious option.

This site is tagged “ ” for good reason! Therefore, only quality wheels will be reviewed. Note on Fanatec Note that you sometimes have to take special care when using Fanatec gear (just google “fanatec ps4”). However, simulations like Project Cars support this premium class wheel without too much hassle. In my opinion, the quality you get from the not-so-cheap Fanatec stuff is worth (almost) any effort.

Yet, because it is not officially supported, this review doesn’t cover it. For Fanatec reviews, look here: • • UPDATED Note on Fanatec: Several Weeks ago, Fanatec have finally released their PS4 bred. See below for more info! Note on Thrustmaster T500 This wheel is not natively supported on PS4. Notwithstanding, you can use it, with some small usability glitches. E.g., you need to use the Joypad (instead of the T500 buttons) to navigate in-game menus.

If you are interested in the Thrustmaster T500,. Note on Logitech G29 Yes, the Logitech G29 received a lot of FLAK with regards to the pricing tag. However, it is regularly discounted.

Hi Sebastian, I want to first say thank you for your comprehensive guide of PS4 wheels which is really helpful. I am a car enthusiast who loves driving in real life and just decided to start my sim racing experience with the new Gran Turismo Sport. I found your blog when doing research online and you truly persuaded me to buy a set of Fanatec CSL Elite rather than Logitech G29 since I want to develop sim racing to be my next long term hobby. For now, I still have some questions and it would be much appreciated if you can answer them. Hi Ian, thanks a lot for stopping. Comments like yours are what fuels this site 🙂 And, of course, welcome to the world of simulation racing.

One note though: In the past, the Gran Turismo series was known to live in the continuum between racing games and racing simulations. It was neither a straight hardcore simulator like iRacing or Assetto Corsa, nor a arcade racer like the Need for Speed series. However, I personally always loved Gran Turismo, and look forward curiously how Sport will be (you’re on a headstart to me there;)). When looking at Fanatec US website, I noticed there is no CSL Elite for PS4 available. The only thing close to what you are saying is the “CSL Elite for PC & Xbox”, which is not the new CSL Elite for PS4, right? If I want to purchase the Clubsport Pedals V3, do you think it is necessary to buy the Damper Kit or Brake Performance Kit?

Thrustmaster just came out with their new top-end product “T-GT” which is designed for GT sport. It will cost about 800 USD, the same with CSL Elite + Clubsport Pedals V3, do you think I should consider that one too? If I really want to save some money, both CSL Elite Wheel Advanced Pack (CSL base, Elite P1 wheel, CSL Pedal with LC) and Thrustmaster T500RS cost 600 USD, which one is better and why? Just realized I have a lot of questions haha!

Thank you in advance for your generous help. The Fanatec website is not too user-friendly, that’s for sure. The CSL Elite for PS4 is currently only available as a bundle, you need to go “Products >Bundles” or “Products >Racing Wheels”. However: To be honest, I wasn’t aware of that. The CSL Elite PS4 does not seem to be available in the US at the moment; truly a bummer. Here’s some reasoning straight from the Fanatec blog (): We just signed the agreement with Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC about selling this wheel in the US.