Dek Generator Problems

Posted : admin On 9/18/2018
Dek Generator Repair

Generator problems today,super easy fix, winter repair 101. In this video i will show you how to fix a simple but common nasty problem with your generator or snowblower in the winter, so if. Oct 28, 2012  I have a Powermate 6500 generator that has been in storage for two years and now it won't start. I had stored it with gas drained. I filled it with gas and it won't start.

• 2 Answers SOURCE: Most gasoline engines need three basic things to run: proper air/fuel mixture, sufficient compression, and a properly timed spark. Check the easiest, cheapest things first, then check the 'Gee, I forgot to turn on the gas' kind of things next, then work your way onwards from there. Compression can be guesstimated with the proverbial thumb-over-the-empty-spark-plug-hole routine as you turn it over casually to check compression.

If it doesn't blow your thumb out of position, you could have a hole in the piston (overheating response) or a stuck or damaged intake or exhaust valve. Check for fuel flow by carefully disconnecting the fuel line to the carburetor and letting some run into a tin can (no styrofoam coffee cups, please). It should dribble freely. If not, you have to back-track the line and find out where the blockage is. Spark is one that sounds like you've already tested (spark plug out of the cylinder head, hooked up and laying on the metal engine as you turn it over?) so check timing.

You will probably need a manual for this test, although a good estimate is that the plug should fire just a wee bit before Top Dead Center position of the piston. Like I said, a manual comes in handy here. From what you've mentioned, though, I'd start trouble-shooting at the fuel flow part first. Good luck, GRB Posted on Jun 08, 2009.

Follow gas line from tank to carb. Observe bottom of carb.

Remove screw holding carb bowl to carb. Pinch off gas line with pliers. Ensure float falls down easily. Float up no fuel flow, float down fuel flow. Observe screw that hold carb bowl to carb, see if it has a whole thru it, clean with small wire, bread wrapper works good.

Observe center fuel port, clean with wire. Remove pin that holds float and meter needle, clean port with wire. Ensure air filter is clean, oil is full, 30w oil, spark plug is clean and properly gapped. Replace air filter and spark plug once a year. Empty old oil out if any grey is observed in oil, this is moisture, can accumulate after winter storage. Clean out side of carb with carb cleaner to ensure choke can rotate freely. Gpg dragon box setup.

Always use Stabile in gas. All newer mowers have a low oil shutoff. May 09, 2013 . It may be time for some overdue maintenance. Check condition of the intank fuel filter and the fuel lines. Remove the muffler and clean the crud out of it and clean the spark arrestor screen for it.

You will find it when you take it off. Make sure muffler and exhaust port are clear. Usually, problem that you're having (extremely common) is fuel delivery related and involves removing the covers on the carb and cleaning with non-flammable brake cleaner.

Harsher cleaners can damage these sensitive carbs. You may need a carb diaghram kit or a complete carb rebuild kit at this point. With one of the covers off the carb, check the little screen situated in a recessed cavity inside the carb and make sure it is clean. Do all the above and post back if you like. Aug 14, 2010 .