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Posted : admin On 10/12/2018

The old version of Winnonlin is not working on my computer. I need it urgently to analyze my data to complete within a due date. If anyone has an idea of downloading the Winonlin software (trial. The Use of WinNonlin for Determining Basic Pharmacokinetic Parameters By Christopher J. Kemper, Ph.D. Pharma Navigators, LLC.

Hi Sameep, Sorry, I overlooked this thread. » Unable to calculate Partial AUC (if there is time deviation at partial AUC time point) e.g. AUC 0-72 is not calculated if any subject has time like 72. Free 05 hrs. I tried some data with time deviations, partial AUCs work as in PHX6.4 (not surprised: the NCA core is the same) » Anyone else tried it yet? Yep I see a lot of QE work done, really.

Looks more friendly and predictable But I need to review all my plots made in PHX6.4, a lot of changes in charting. I suspect some skeletons are waiting in the closet Be aware - after saving the project in PHX7.0 you cannot open it in PHX6.4 (due to architecture changes) Phoenix modeling does not work in 32-bit environment anymore.

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Please see/follow this post for more detials on Phoenix 7 and where to download, also there will be a webinar on 14th September, for which you can freely register, to hear more details about what's changed. (or you can read the Release notes;0). As Mittyri mentioned charts have been much improved, any existing charts you have will be replotted by the new engine with a simple refresh.

Addtionally memory usage for larger projects including NCA should be greatly improved. Sameep, regarding your issue; » Unable to calculate Partial AUC (if there is time deviation at partial AUC time point) e.g. AUC 0-72 is not calculated if any subject has time like 72.05 hrs.

That should be fine - if you are still having problems, please send the project to Support.

Are you currently using Excel for PK/TK analysis? We will show how to leverage Phoenix WinNonlin to streamline all of the analyses and generate all of the output needed for noncompartmental analysis, TK, PK and PK/PD studies from within a single, validatable environment. Highlights of this interactive workshop will include: • Sophisticated plotting of PK data • Calculation of key PK parameters Cmax, Tmax, AUClast, AUCinf, Clearance • Statistical summary of PK parameters in a presentation-quality report table • Save repetitive steps with re-usable analysis templates.

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