Free Dongle Emulator

Posted : admin On 9/16/2018
Free Dongle Emulator
Free Usb Dongle Emulator Software

The reasonable price of a dongle emulator makes it an ideal solution for software owners who want to protect themselves against dongle problems. Soft-Key Solutions offers free trial version of dongle emulator. Try before you buy is our main rule. It makes dealing with us easy and gives you guarantee of a 100% working emulation. FlexiHub is a USB license dongle emulator that works across LAN, Ethernet, WiFi, and the Internet. Connected via FlexiHub, the device will be recognized by a remote machine as though it were connected directly to a USB port of that PC.

Dongle Backup and Recovery service makes 100% software copies of original dongles. This is legal and reliable insurance against various dongle threats such as damage or theft! How can we help you? -Your dilemma is that you use your software outside the office or between a few computers so you have to switch your dongle between computer in or out of your office. -Do you believe it is fair that you've purchased a software and cannot work with it whenever you want? Many people have lost their dongles while in transit from one place to another. Try to ask your software reseller to replace the lost key!

Ninety-five percent of the time, you'll be told that you have to pay for another copy! Furthermore, when the key is no longer available is it more expensive to make a dongle replacement and sometimes even impossible. Order the dongle backup as soon as possible - it's cheaper to make the software copy of the working key than replace dongle when it is lost! To send us an e-mail, fill-out the form below or visit our to order on-line and we will contact you as soon as possible!

Your Name: Your E-Mail: Software name: Software URL if available: Brand of your hardware key.

What is a dongle? Dongle - is a digital device with the function of software protection against unlicensed use.

Dongle contains a programmable memory area. The program at start drawn to this area of memory. If the device is missing, the program does not start or runs in a restricted mode. You can use the device contemporaneously only on a single machine. If used two or more computers, and they are located in different places, protection module will have to be transported from one place to another. This variant of the use of a dongle can cause damage to it or the module may be lost. The user will have again to pay money for the restoration of the module.

The memory of the key usually contains: • - the expiry date of the license; • - the name of the owner of the license; • - the number of activated and prepaid modules; • - the encrypted part of the program code, which is required to run. What dongle emulator and what is it needed for? Dongle emulator - is a software equivalent of real module.

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We create such similar key. It works on all versions of Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8.1) 32 and 64 bits. Our clients can also get dongle dump - backup the contents of the key.

We always offer free dumper dongle. Dump dongle allows us to make the emulator and you can download dongle emulator from us. How does it work? Windows and protected software product react with dongle emulator just the same if it was a real key.

Our emulator has a lot of advantages. We can do dongle crack, i.e. To read the data in memory of this key, and then upgrade content, adding new options. Your key after this modernization has: • - the new date of license expiration • - the new name of the license holder • - the entire set function of software product Dongle crack - is an emulator with modified memory, while in the emulator memory is taken from the real dongle unchanged.

Free drivers for hp pavilion. Executable files (*.exe), libraries (*.dll), and others we may change by the patch. This method makes it possible to check the presence of key without any the conditions. The key is typically connected to a USB port. We can do dongle crack and thereby to signal a persistent connection security module.