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Posted : admin On 9/28/2018
Gigabyte Download Bios Update

I had written to Gigabyte's tech support and Kenji Noon told the same thing i.e. First download the bios rom file directly from the server and then use the @bios tool to update it. He also said to disable all running programs including antivirus. I have windows 8.1 pro and tried to follow your tutorial on using the @bios utility to update my bios. I downloaded the @bios utility from gigabyte and installed it to a named folder I created. Sep 26, 2018  Download Gigabyte BIOS drivers, firmware, bios, tools, utilities. Canon scanner lide 110.

Download it from Gigabyte website. Ati radeon. It is always better and more safe to update from within BIOS. I would always refrain from updating using the Windows app. Also I just checked, there is bios version 23b available as the newest so you should get that.

Yup thank you, the update worked just fine and now my shiny pc is up and running. I flashed a less recent version (f22) because i prefer a stable build rather than a beta. Just be aware that the f23 BIOS will fix the hyperthreading bug, that is of course only if your CPU has hyperthreading.

​ For those of you who have Windows installed on your system, each motherboard manufacturer has a website page on how to update the BIOS (see Option 2). However, the following methods are alternatives to updating the BIOS in Windows with a motherboard manufacturer's own utilities. CAUTION: DO NOT POWER DOWN OR INTERRUPT THE FLASHING PROCESS ONCE IT HAS STARTED. DOING SO COULD MAKE YOUR MOTHERBOARD COMPLETELY UN-USABLE. LET THE PROCESS COMPLETE ON IT'S OWN The following guides are for updating Gigabyte motherboard BIOS.

Option 1: Q-Flash Method Motherboard BIOS utiity. Prepare from OS X. Easy Method for GUI oriented souls. Boot into the BIOS and note the settings that you changed as part of your initial installation.

Boot into the BIOS and note the settings that you changed as part of your initial installation. Download the BIOS '.exe' file (see Option 1) and; Create the FreeDos bootable USB using Rufus and leave all the settings at stock; ___ Double click on the BIOS '.exe' file to extract BIOS file and Efiflash.exe ___(delete the autobat file as it isn't needed); Add the BIOS file and Efiflash.exe to the USB drive; Reboot and press F12 to go to the BOOT Menu; Select the USB thumb drive and press enter to run in the DOS environment; ___ At the command prompt, type. Code: C:/>Efiflash[COLOR=#FFFFFF]_______________[/COLOR]Efiflash [COLOR=#FFFFFF]___[/COLOR].

Hi, thanks for the guide, really good to see so much information out here! I recently began building my own rig (click for details) and decided not to go for the 4770k but for the 4790k, since the price is almost the same, but recently got told, that I would need to update my BIOS version to F8 in order to have it work. So since I don't have another CPU for the socket lying around do you think it's possible to flash the BIOS with the CPU or won't it work at all, if it works, which method would you recommend? (I only have an OSX and a Linux machine, no Windows) Also how will the BIOS flash affect the ability to run OSX? Thanks in advance guys.