Houdini Chess Software

Posted : admin On 10/8/2018
Houdini Chess Software

The magician is back! With the latest version of his Houdini 5 chess software, Robert Houdart has succeeded in catapulting himself back into the inner circle of computer chess, all while managing to maintain the unique and individual character of his engine. Its release took some time, with it now being almost three years since the appearance of its predecessor.

Houdini is a 3D animation software developed by Side Effects Software Inc (SESI) based in Toronto. SESI adapted Houdini from the PRISMS suite of procedural generation software tools. Its exclusive attention to procedural generation distinguishes it from other 3D computer graphics software. Lego indiana jones pc download.

Houdini Chess Software Free Download

But the wait has certainly been worth it! The Houdini 5 chess software brings a rejuvenated and reinvigorated engine to the board, weighing in at 200 Elo points stronger than Houdini 4! This represents an unbelievable jump in playing strength. One that programmer Robert Houdart was only able to achieve by adding a range of new techniques and ideas. An important factor here is the completely redesigned evaluation function.

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It has been retuned to better take king safety and piece play into account. Houdini’s unique playing style is the result of a clever combination of aggressive playing ideas. Not to mention healthy positional and strategic understanding. What makes playing and analyzing with Houdini 5 particularly exciting is the sheer range of ideas it comes up with. The program has all the hallmarks of unbridled creativity.

Where other engines see no way to make progress, Houdini conjures up hidden and surprising resources! As opposed to its earlier version, Houdini 5 is more selective when arriving at candidate moves. This enables it to reach higher search depths and pays off in all stages of the game. Particularly so when it comes to the endgame. For perfect endgame play, Houdini 5 can use the Syzygy-Tablebases* (available on 4 DVDs as “Endgame Turbo 4”) combined with the Nalimov Tablebases, and is thus always able to find the quickest way to mate.* Houdini 5 also uses the “lazy SMP” algorithm, meaning it is able to achieve better results on multi-processor systems than ever before. The new engine can harness the computing power of up to 128 cores simultaneously.

The preliminary release version of Houdini 5 won convincingly ahead of all other top programs. It scored 56 points from 62 games (50 wins and 12 draws) in the recent “TCEC Season 9 Rapid” tournament.