Ieee 1284 Controller

Posted : admin On 9/23/2018

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Even though the printer is displayed as an IEEE1284.4 device in the Device Manager of the Windows operating system, it may still not be able to print. This happens if the device drivers have not been installed correctly. Home » Generic IEEE 1284.4 printing support Use the links on this page to download the latest version of Generic IEEE 1284.4 printing support drivers. All drivers available for download have been scanned by antivirus program. Step 2: Go to Start>Printers and Devices in the 'Not specified' group, make sure you see something like 'IEEE-1284 Controller' or 'Prolific Parallel-to-USB Cable'.

Since many of the people visiting are using a Windows 7 computer, I thought it is time to update my post about with instructions using a Windows 7 computer. Although Windows 7 looks nicer than previous operating systems, there is still some bumps along the road when trying to connect a parallel-only printer to your usb-only computer.

It’s even more difficult if you’ve got a “special” HP LaserJet printer with a mini-centronics connection along with a stubborn operating system that does not have drivers preloaded for your printer. With all these issues with backwards compatibility, plug and play turns into plug and pray.

Install Printer Using Ieee-1284 Controller

I hope you’ll find these steps helpful for connecting a printer with a mini-centronics connection to a computer with only USB ports. To recap from my previous article, these steps should work with the following HP LaserJet printers (and nearly any printer that has a standard parallel connection): • LaserJet 3100 • LaserJet 3150 • LaserJet 1100 • LaserJet 3200 • LaserJet 4000 • LaserJet 4500 • LaserJet 4550 • LaserJet 4600 • LaserJet 4650 • LaserJet 5500 • LaserJet 5550 • LaserJet 8100 • LaserJet 8150 • LaserJet 9000 I have personally tested this with an HP LaserJet 1100 printer using a USB to Parallel cable along with the appropriate mini-centronics to centronics adapter recommended below. 1. Connect your printer to your computer.

You should see Windows acknowledge the new cable. Windows should install the USB to Parallel adapter drivers, then it will try installing the LaserJet drivers. If you don’t have the printer plugged in properly, or if Windows does not have built-in drivers for your printers (as was my case), you’ll receive an error. Click on the bubble alert to bring up additional information about the failed installation.

At this point, some users end up clicking on “Change setting” and go through the process of having Windows automatically check for drivers for their printer. This didn’t work for me, so instead I opted to use the troubleshooter tool instead. Click close on this box. Go to the start button, click on “Devices and Printers”. There should be a generic printer icon named “IEEE-1284 Controller” or something similar.