Iriver Ifp 799

Posted : admin On 9/5/2018

IRiver iFP-799 driver for Windows 2003 / XP / 2000 / NT / ME, version 1.85 UMS If you can't find the driver that you need for your device, please contact us using the. This page contains information about installing the latest iRiver iFP-700 driver downloads using the iRiver Driver Update Tool. IRiver iFP-700 drivers are tiny programs that enable your MP3 Player hardware to communicate with your operating system software.

This is my second Iriver Mp3 player. I previously owned a iFP-190tc for over two years that still works after massive abuse. Once again Iriver shows is almost mystical engineering skills. Like the 190tc, the weight of the player with battery is incredible. Easily under 50 grams and fits into your hand. The battery seems to last longer on the 799 then my 190tc.

Using rechargeables again is a major plus. One rechargeable can go for a couple days. If you use the player on a regular basis, spending $30 for 4 batteries and a good charger will save you money in the bucket loads. Like the 190tc, the 799 recognizes rechargeable batteries.

Iriver Ifp-799 Mp3 PlayerIriver Ifp 799

Asus intel wireless lan driver. Unlike Ipod players, you won't worry about running out of power as the player takes a standard AA. No need to worry about that last bar of power.

Just pop out the battery, slip a new one in and you're good for hours. Sound quality depends on your files. A 320 kbps mp3 file will sound much better then a 64 kbps but will take up significantly more space. The player with non-UMS software plays OGGs, which are a another format of music. OGGS sound largely like mp3s yet take up less space.

Quality of files and ear buds (which are decent) decide how good the quality of your music is. The 799 apparently has a much stronger radio receiver, which in some ways is bad as it picks up scratchy stations you can barely make out. On the plus side the good stations come in exceptionally well. Installation takes minutes.

Put the CD in, install and then install drivers. I was transferring files in under 10 minutes. The 799 shows a big improvement over the previous 500, 300 and 100 models. The battery case is now a snap in design with no hinges to break and much harder to get loose. The USB 2.0 (another improvement) now has a cover that locks in.

Also, the 799 has a dedicated line-in for recording from non-PC audio sources. Another MASSIVE improvement is the company breaking ties with Sonic, the provider of their earlier software which was notoriously bad. Moodlogic, or at least a improved version still exists and has many features such as changing file names, setting radio stations and tweaking controls from your computer instead of doing it manually on the player.