Md80 Mini Dv Manual

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In this video i will attempt to explain how the Mini Cam MD80 works, and how to use different modes. Please, tick the box below to get your link: Get Manual. Manualslib has more than 242 Mini manuals Checkout popular Mini categories.

MD80 Mini DVR. MD80 Sportscam Mini DVR. Introduction: № 2 This mini DV recorder is a High Definition video recorder with simple operation and sound control. Its elegant design and small size make it easy to carry and can be an essential utility in business, education, security, media, justice, tourism, healthcare and entertainment. Operating Instructions 1. Charging The built in lithium rechargeable battery is partly charged so will require a full charge before first use.

Connect the MiniUSB cable to the device and plug into a spare USB port on a computer that is switched on. When on charge the red light comes on solid whilst the blue light flashes slowly. When the blue light stops flashing the unit is fully charged. Power on to Video Recording Press power button to turn the device on.

The blue indicator will come on to indicate the device is on and in standby mode. Press the Stop/Record button once to begin recording. The red led now flashes to indicate the device is recording. Press the Stop/Record button again to stop recording video and the red light will stop flashing and return to a solid blue. Notice: • Please make sure that a MicroSD card has been inserted.

If no card is inserted when the device is turned on, the red light comes on solid and the blue light flashes continually. • The maximum capacity of the MicroSD card is 16GB • When you have finished recording and press stop, please remember the device will take a few moments to save the file. Avoid pressing the Stop/Record button continuously to avoid getting unsmooth and/or incomplete files. • When making a video, please keep focus on the object from a distance of at least 50cm under sufficient illumination. This will ensure bright clear and stable images are recorded 3.

Md80 Mini Dv ManualMd80 Mini Dv Manual

Sound Control Video To enable sound control mode, press the power button to turn the device on. Minecraft cracked launcher The blue LED will come on solid to indicate standby mode. Now press the “Mode” button.

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The blue LED remains on whilst the red led begins to flash quickly. This indicates the camera is now in sound control mode. If a noise above 60 decibels is detected then video recording is started and the red led will flash slowly. If the sound level drops below 60 decibels for longer than 2 minutes, recording will stop and the red light will return to rapid flashing to indicate the device is back in standby mode and waiting for more sound. Setting The Time for the OSD On the included disc is a file called TAG.TXT. To change the time, open the TAG.TXT file and edit the date/time. Place a copy of the file on the ROOT* directory of your MicroSD card.