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Posted : admin On 10/27/2018
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Customer Service Center Welcome to our customer service center, the home of the resources that will help you get the most out of your fleet management and training resources. Access technical support, manage your fleet installations and explore the wide range of training that we offer. This tool will download and update the correct Navman GPS driver versions automatically, protecting you against installing the wrong GPS drivers. About The Author: Jay Geater is the President and CEO of Solvusoft Corporation, a global software company focused on providing innovative utility software. He is a lifelong computer. Saitek drivers downloads Navman Marine ; Navman Wireless Vehicle Tracking Solutions. Navman - Beyond Navigation.

• EZY-Series MY-Series EZY260LMT MY550LMT MY650LMMT User Manual. • Precautions..5 Declaration of conformity..7 Getting to know your Navman..8 Mounting your Navman in a vehicle..9 Enabling traffic (TMC) reception..9 Turning your Navman ON and OFF..10 Resetting your Navman..10 Connecting your device to the computer.. • How do I search for a POI using Travel Book?.49 How do I use the Bluetooth function?.50 How do I pair my Navman with a Bluetooth device?50 How do I configure the Internet settings?.50 How do I add contacts to my Navman?. • My Navman...

82 How do I change the displayed language for NavDesk?82 How do I install or remove a voice file for my Navman?82 How do I register my Navman and set a PIN?. 83 How do I report mileage?. • How do I recover keys on my Navman?.85 How do I configure NavDesk?. 86 Reference... 87 About GPS and signal reception..87 Caring for your Navman..87 Troubleshooting..88 For more information..89 Online support.. • ƒ Consult your country’s and/or state’s laws regarding operation of a vehicle with any accessories or modifications. ƒ It is your sole responsibility to place, secure and use your Navman in a manner that will not cause accidents, personal injury or property damage.

Always observe safe driving practices. • Navman to charge your Navman internal battery. ƒ Only use your Navman internal battery with your Navman unit. ƒ The Navman battery will stop charging when the ambient temperature is less than 0°C (32°F) or more than 40°C (104°F). Marking labels located on the exterior of your Navman indicate the regulations that your model complies with. Please check the marking labels on your Navman and refer to the corresponding statements in this chapter. Some notices apply to specific models only.

•  Green - battery full Amber - battery charging Touch screen Displays the output of your Navman. Tap the screen with your fingertip  to select menu commands or enter information. Microphone Receives sound and voice.

 Memory card slot Accepts a MicroSD card for accessing data such as maps. • • Never mount your Navman where the driver’s field of vision is blocked. • If the windscreen is tinted with a reflective coating, it may be athermic and impact the GPS reception. In this instance, please mount your Navman where there is a “clear area” - usually just beneath the rear-view mirror. • Occasionally, you may need to perform a hardware reset when your Navman stops responding, or appears to be “frozen” or “locked-up.” Insert a small rod, such as a straightened paperclip, into the reset button of your Navman. Your Navman will restart automatically.

Plug the large end of the USB cable directly into a USB port on your computer (not a USB hub) and plug the small end into the mini-USB connector on your Navman. When your Navman is turned on and connected to the computer, you can select the desired connection type from the pop-up message screen: ƒ.

• Navigating on the screen To operate your Navman, touch the screen with your fingertip. You can perform the following actions: ƒ Tap Touch the screen once with your fingertip to open items or select on-screen buttons or options. ƒ Drag Hold your fingertip on the screen and drag up/down/left/right or across the screen. • Hold the card (MicroSD) by the edges and gently insert it into the slot as shown in the illustration.

To remove a card, gently push the top edge of the card inwards to release it, and pull it out of the slot. Note: Navman does not guarantee the product’s compatibilities with MicroSD cards from all manufacturers. • Main Menu The Main Menu is your starting point for searching for a destination. The Main Menu also allows you to customise your Navman, view saved locations as My Place/Home, and search for POIs nearby, and so on.