Nvidia Drivers Windows 7 64 Bit

Posted : admin On 9/18/2018

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Nvidia Drivers Windows 7 64-bit Gt 620 DriversNvidia Drivers Windows 7 64 Bit

This is a sort of follow up to my previous posts: and These three threads, when I look back on it, are revolving around the same issue. This issue 'killed' my previous windows installations, and by killed I mean making them unusable, inaccessible. Luckily I keep backups laying around.

Its only when I used a stable installation that I noticed what may be the root to my issues. A driver crashed from time to time. 'Display driver stopped responding and has recovered. Display driver NVIDIA Windows Kernel Mode Driver, Version 311.06 stopped responding and has successfully recovered.'

This happens with all the drivers I have tested. This usually happens when I open up an internet browser, i.e Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc. It doesn't happen every time I open up an internet browser tho', it seems more random. I've tried 'fixes' for the issue, with no luck. And I've been roaming the web and seen other people with the same issue. Thank you for your time. Specs Asus Sabertooth X58 Intel Core I7 970 @ 3.2 GHz Nvidia Geforce GTX 670, stock clocked 8 GB DDR3 RAM, no errors with Windows Memory Diagnostics or Memtest86.

2 HDDs, 1x 500 GB (secondary this time) 1x 1 TB (main) 550W Corsair PSU nuFF3 message edited by nuFF3. I have been having a similar issue for a little while now, also when im using the internet, what seems to happen to me is, i would sometimes get a message in the system tray that NVIDIA driver has stopped responding.

The first few times i was able to continue to use my machine, i didnt see a problem with the display, the colours were the same, absolutely nothing would change. I uninstalled and reinstalled the display drivers however in the last couple of weeks, especially during the use of IE, i now get no messages, the screen just freezes, sometimes i can move my mouse around BUT cannot click on anything, cannot lauch apps, i dont know if in the background my clicks may be being registered but the display doesnt refresh and show me what is going on. I tested my machine to death, and here is what i noticed I checked my System Event Logs and noticed that just before the screen would crash my AVG would record a fault, there after the next log would be an unexpected restart, thats me performing a hard boot. I have no idea if this AVG crash is related however i done some research on the problem and found that it was a known issue with AVG, and turning off the self protection feature would cure the issue with AVG.

So far it has been two days since i have turned off Self Protection and touch wood my pc has not crashed. Again no idea if its related but its just the fact that event viewer logged a fault just before the system froze on a number of occassions.

From what i read, the NVIDIA driver crashes when there is a fault within Windows, i cannot be too clear as i dont have the webpage where i read this, what was said was that the driver would crash due to a crash/fault in windows. If i find the article i will post a link. Anyways, i dont know if this has helped, im still waiting to see if my machine crashes again - hopefully not - but so far its been two days and its been running smoothe after the AVG setting change. Im just at home now and I ran the GPU software I linked above and it passed all tests. Hp 970cse printer.

The reason im persistent in testing your GPU first is that, if you go ahead and buy a new one its going to cost you a lot of £ so better rule it out. One last suggestion before I go and play some COD Zombies:) download the latest driver from NVIDIA, save to desktop. Then completely uninstall your driver from control panel, program and features. Restart and reinstall the downloaded driver. I have googled this a lot due to my own issues and majority of the time I found that the culprit in fact is not your GPU, I know it can be different for everyone but I guess its good to rule out everything systematically and therefore you can be confident with your conclusion. So please have go at running the software I can confirm its safe I just ran it on my machine. This is what I would do.

First of all, uninstall Nvidia using Revo in ADVANCED mode. 1: Revo Uninstaller Open Revo, double click on a program logo, click>Yes & then you get your options, with Advanced down the bottom. If you have partially uninstalled your program, you get a message from Revo, that it can't find the uninstaller, hit Cancel & let Revo continue on, to search for the remnants. If you get a reboot message, ignore it & do it after Revo has finished. I use Advanced Mode.