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Posted : admin On 10/28/2018
Nx 8.5 Drafting Tutorial Pdf

The NX software often ships with CAST, which is a very inclusive tutorial, with sample models, projects and explanations. You should ask if it is available to you. Often it's not mentioned.

Siemens NX software is a flexible and powerful integrated solution that helps you deliver better products faster and more efficiently. NX delivers the next generation of design, simulation, and manufacturing solutions that enable companies to realize the value of the digital twin. NX 8.5 Model Tutorial Construction of 1B-1 Launch NX All Programs>Course Software>Retired>NX8.5 Start a new file File>New Make sure to set UNITS. By: CAD CAM Galaxy Creating and constraining sketch in Siemens NX. Using simple 2D commands like lines arcs and applying new constraining method. Simply select the object and apply constraints.

Secondly, the online help system has how-to links associated with many help queries. Not as complete as the optional CAST, but still effective. Finally, there are books on the system available.

Used copies from Amazon are not expensive. Download drivers for gigabyte motherboard. It's ok to be a version back, but not two.

A NX 6 book will work reasonably for 7.5, if you are willing to deal a little.

To create a involute curve in NX, you need to use the Law Curve function. But before creating the law curve, you need to define the expressions that control the curve.

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• Step 1: For all law functions you need to define the range over which the formulas are evaluated. NX uses the built in expression 't' as the range and it is evaluated from 0 to 1. You can multiply 't' to get the range desired, i.e., t*5 would cause the function to be evaluated from 0 to 5.

So, the first expression you must create is t=1. • Step 2: Next you need to create an expression for the number of spirals. Create the expression number_of_turns=3.

• Step 3: Next create an expression for the beginning radius, r=.5. • Step 4: The formulas for the x and y values of an involute are: x=r*(cos(angle)+(angle*sin(angle))) y=r*(sin(angle))-(angle*cos(angle))) where 'angle' is the total angle of the involute in radians. However, NX expects degrees when using trig functions. To get around that you use the number of turns multiplied by 360 degrees for the trig functions and the number of turn multiplied by 2pi elsewhere. So you expressions for x and y become: xt=r*((cos(360*t*number_of_turns)+(number_of_turns*t*2*pi())*sin(360*t*number_of_turns))) and yt=r*((sin(360*t*number_of_turns)-(number_of_turns*2*t*pi())*cos(360*t*number_of_turns))) • Step 5: Once all of these expressions are created, use Insert>Curve>Law Curve to create the involute.

For the X law, select 'By Equation', Parameter = t, and Function = xt. For the Y law, select 'By Equation', Parameter = t, and Function = yt.

For the Z law, select 'Constant', Value = 0. Then click OK.

To start modeling, you must first create a part file. NX part files use the extension.prt for both components and assemblies of components. In this tutorial, a single p art file will be us ed with one component.