Pokemon Platinum Download For Pc

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Pokemon Light Platinum Nds Download game GBA for PC. Is an RPG game posted by mikelan98 launched for the Nintendo DS on January 1, 2015. Pokemon Platinum Guide Welcome to our unofficial gude to Pokemon Platinum. Platinum is the directors cut version of the popular Diamond and Pearl games, it features Girati. How To Download Pokemon Platinum For FREE PC EmpoleSilver. Unsubscribe from EmpoleSilver? PSA: Don't Download ROMs From These Sites. - Duration: 6:21.

It lets you change the music to your liking before getting on your Bicycle with Y. You must change your registered Key Item to your Bicycle. I am not sure if it works when entering a cave, but every value has been tested and they work.

Pokemon Platinum Download For Pc

Just type the value into your Calculator Poketch app, and hold R while pressing Y, getting on your Bicycle. I did not make this code. 151 Mew Roaming Mew Event: Press L+R in game to unlock a roaming Mew. This Mew is level 50 and may be shiny. Use the following short code to unlock this event. Please note: This code was cretaed by me, but has not yet been tested to Perfection. Please use at your own risk until it has been perfected.

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Game requirement ID's: ---------------------- Made for: Pokemon plati Gameid: cpue d074d1b3 Tec Specs: ---------- Sub-enc: 893ry97edyt vaul: 834e8sdf Generated: POKESAV ig-tu: Oy5G7h Creator id: uTY77p creator: kambel serle Lang: jpn-eng event id: 9087324 Event code: 7 lines created: 5:31 PM Original source coding: utf-8. Special Pikachu This is a Special Flying and Water type Pikachu code. Use this code to UNLOCK a SPECIAL Pikachu with the following attributes.

Pokemon Platinum Download For Pc

Press L+R to obtain this Pokemon in PCBox 18 Slot 1. 025 Pikachu Ability: Wtaer Absorb Caught in: Premier Ball OT: VNLProd ID: 19034 PokeRus: Cured Moveset: Volt Tackle Fly Waterfall Aqua Ring Met at: Lv.100 Ribbon: Classic Ribbon Contest Ribbons: none Met in: Pokemon Event Language: Francais OT Gender: Female Shiny: no Fateful Encounter: no Date met: 2013-01-22 **This code was made using PokeSAV for Windows XP. The Action Replay code was created and tested to perfection by: Kambel Serle (Serlkamb). This code is only valid for Pokemon Platinum USA/Canada. Code created on: January 22nd, 2013 - Tuesday at 17:30-36 (5:30-36p) Game: Pokemon Platinum Game ID: CPUE d074d1b3.

All you have to do is go to the eterna city team galastic building and then you go to the left corner wall at the first floor next to a machine push a and then it's sais use the secret say 'yes' then the screen goes white and you see this big gap and then theres an entrance you go in it and you see the motors and all types of machines and you need rotom for this so rotom can go in the machines IMPORTANT IMFORMATION:you might not see the gap until you use the key because the entrance looks like a wall if there are any problem tell me.

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