Sam Broadcaster 4 Old Version

Posted : admin On 9/17/2018

Free download previous version SAM Broadcaster 4.7.3 - Professional Internet broadcasting DJ automation and streaming internet radio software.

Sam Broadcaster 4 Old Version

• Current rating: 0 • • • • • Your rating: not submitted SAM Broadcaster is an advanced and feature packed application which enables you to create and manage your own Internet Radio Station. The program comes with a series of powerful and complex features, such as gap killer, 5-band compressor, cross-fade detection, volume normalization, limiter, and much more. SAM Broadcaster offers web integration, allowing you to use various web widgets in order to enhance the appearance of your internet radio station. The application lets your listeners to browse the media library, view 'Now Playing' information, or even request certain songs. SAM Broadcaster lets you organize your media library into several categories for easier management. The program also lets you import data from tags and search track information by using SAM Broadcaster allows you to stream your music in multiple formats, including aacPlus, MP3, OGG, AAC, AAC-HE, mp3PRO, and Windows Media.

Multiple servers are supported, such as, Shoutcast v2, Windows Media,, Shoutcast v1, and Icecast. SAM Broadcaster allows you to see statistics and reports about your audience, perfromance and station playback history. Pros • The application supports multiple servers. • The program lets you broadcast audio in various formats. Cons • Inexperienced users may have some difficulties when configuring the program. • Requires FireBird installed on your computer.

Are you still using an old copy of SAM Broadcaster? From the 4.x.x/2013.x.x series or SAM DJ version 4.x.x As from January 1st 2015 Spacial will end support for SAM Broadcaster v4.x.x SAM DJ v4.x.x SAM Cast v3.x.x (Support for SAM Broadcaster v2.x.x & v3.x.x ended some years ago) Support for SAM Broadcaster 2013.x.x will end as of the 1st June 2018. We’re guessing this also applies to posts on the forums as well. If you bought an old version of SAM Broadcaster 4.x.x/2013.x.x – SAM DJ 4.x.x – SAM Cast v3.x.x you will not be supported if something goes wrong in future. Although you will still be able to activate your licences. Who wants the headaches of activations?

RadioDJ doesn’t require any such silly activations or keys. “Some older copies of Spacial Audio software will not function/install on Windows 10 even in compatibility mode” Most of the Internet radio community seem to be switching away from software such as SAM Broadcaster and using instead. There were over 220,000 downloads of RadioDJ v1.8.2 at the last count.

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