Soldier Of Fortune 2 Walkthrough

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Xbox Reviews Jul 2, 2003 Back in May 2002, Raven Software, who consistently pumps out quality first-person shooters to the PC crowd, wowed us again with the second installment in the 'mercenary-for-hire' gun-toting-maniac series of games based on the magazine read by psychotic backwoodsmen everywhere. Reviewers loved the game, partly because of the Faces of Death-style death animations which proved that Nintendo was wrong all along, and enemies in Goldeneye should have burst apart instead of sweating slightly. But they mainly loved the game because they knew that Raven software must have correctly calibrated every weapon, explosion, and realistic body deformation under gunfire to avoid being hunted down and woodchipped in real life by some of the more unstable long-term fans of high-caliber weaponry. Xbox Previews Jun 8, 2003 One genre that the Xbox has more or less entirely locked down is first- and third-person action shooters. With the notable exception of Sony's SOCOM, the best games in the genre all congregate on MS' hardware and offer shooting fans of every stripe the action they crave, much of it enhanced by the presence of Xbox Live. Activision's already brought gamers Return to Castle Wolfenstein, but they've got their own back -- for those of you who want gritty military realism, Soldier of Fortune II offers the horrors and joys of war copiously.

Title: Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix Developer: Raven Software Publisher: Activision Release Date: May 20, 2002 Platform: PC This is my walkthrough (playthrough) of the sequel to a great first-person shooter - Soldier of Fortune by Raven Software. The theme of the sequel is germ warfare, as the mercenary Mullins and his new partner Madeline Taylor travel to Colombia to investigate a viral outbreak in a small town, only to link it to a shadowy organization called Prometheus. The virus, called Romulus, is followed by a computer virus called Remus which is programmed to delete files on any computer in the world, in this case, files relating to Prometheus and Romulus, so an anti-virus cannot be formulated. Prometheus then plans to blackmail the G8 countries at a summit in Switzerland for billions of dollars.

It is revealed throughout the course of the game that a mole inside The Shop may be feeding information to the terrorists (from Wikipedia). The walkthrough done in one piece on 'Consultant' level of difficulty. It was recorded on my notebook IBM ThinkPad A31 with Mobility Radeon 7500. The sequel is harder to beat than the original mostly because of improved A.I. And accuracy of computer opponents.

Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix Cheats For PC. Changing cg_fov. Type 'cg_fov' in console, and try to increase this value. Yep, it's 'cheat protected'. Soldier of fortune weapon guide Please note where possible I have tried to use the less sophisticated names of some of the weapons for clearer understanding.

Soldier Of Fortune 2 Walkthrough

The game built on Quake III Arena Engine with GHOUL 2.0 which features 36 gore zones allowing for increasingly detailed depictions of gore and carnage. There are some minor graphical collisions on level loading screens due to the specific of used video compression codec and few freezes during gameplay, but this won't affect the walkthrough itself. Enjoy and subscribe! Unfortunately youtube during convertion of my original avi file decided that fps in my video is 29.999 instead of 30, so at some point (approximately after six hours of gameplay) the sound starts going little bit faster (on few milliseconds) than the video frames. Sorry for that.

Walkthrough: Prague Outside Hotel: We need to get out of here. Protect the doctor as he drives you away.

Here comes the first on-rails shooting level, it's rather quick if you know what to do and doesn't actually use the ROAM terrain engine that Raven boasts as a one of the new pieces of technology added to this Quake 3 foundation. Man the turret in the back of the truck and fire away.

Go ahead and shoot the doctor, you can't kill him here. The gun has 4000 rounds and your health is now that of the truck. Losing all ammunition is not good, but won't happen unless you hold the trigger down all the damn time (literally, that's pretty much what it takes). Fire like a normal person and you'll be fine.

Initially the doctor is an idiot and can't start the truck, this is a timed thing so do your best to take out the enemies, paying special attention to the devious ones who like to peak out of corners and hit you when you can barely even see them, let alone pinpoint their heads with a heavy machinegun. For the left side, check the alley, and the fire escape up top. On the right is the walkway up top, and the side open areas, complete with indestructible boxes great for their cover and your torment. Ati firegl 5600 drivers. The doctor will move along, now just destroy the roadblock he comes up to (pieces of fence, etcetera).