Visioneer Onetouch 4.0 Software Download

Posted : admin On 8/27/2018
Free Visioneer Software Download

Installation and User Guide - OneTouch 4.0 Includes troubleshooting and uninstall procedures. German 5.2 MB English 5.4 MB Spanish 5.3 MB French 5.1 MB Italian 5.1 MB Portuguese 5.1 MB Russian 5.6 MB English 401 Bytes Windows - OneTouch Guides Includes details on OneTouch software.

Chinese (Simplified) 2.3 MB German 2.3 MB English 2.3 MB Spanish 2.4 MB French 2.3 MB Italian 2.4 MB Korean 2.3 MB Portuguese 2.4 MB Russian 2.4 MB Turkish 2.2 MB Chinese (Traditional) 2.4 MB DocuMate 510 Readme - OneTouch 4.0. Important notes to read before installing. German English Spanish French Italian Portuguese Russian Installation and User Guide - OneTouch 3.0. Turn your scanner upside down to check the Part Number located on the bottom of your scanner. For part number 85-0222-000 For part number 85-0222-100 and above` Czech 5.3 MB German 3.2 MB English 6.2 MB Spanish 9.4 MB Hungarian 2.1 MB Polish 5.3 MB Russian 2.9 MB Turkish 6.6 MB Power save guide English 54.7 KB.

Certified OneTouch Links The following independent software vendors have tested and certified our scanners to work with their applications.

NINSTALL CANNER To uninstall the scanner, remove the Visioneer OneTouch 7400 software, the PaperPort software, or other scanner software provided with your scanner. NINSTALLING THE OUCH 1. Open the Windows Control Panel from your start menu.

• Visioneer OneTouch ® 7400 USB Scanner User's Guide for Windows. • ® Visioneer OneTouch 7400 USB Scanner User’s Guide F O R W I N D O W S. • Information is subject to change without notice and does not represent a commitment on the part of Visioneer.

The software described is furnished under a licensing agreement. The software may be used or copied only in accordance with the terms of such an agreement. It is against the law to copy the software on any medium except as specifically allowed in the licensing agreement. • What’s in the Box.1 The Visioneer OneTouch 7400 USB Scanner.2 What You Need. • Visioneer 7400 USB Scanner Specifications.111 Visioneer 7400 USB Scanner Part List..

• ELCOME Congratulations on purchasing your Visioneer OneTouch 7400 USB scanner. With this scanner you can quickly scan paper items such as letters, forms, photos, or magazine articles and place their electronic images on your computer. With its innovative hinged lid, you can also lay books flat on the scanner to scan pages. • Document cover Glass Reference marks OneTouch button panel Status light OneTouch buttons USB port ISIONEER OUCH 7400 USB S CANNER. • Status light—Shows the scanner’s status.

Steady green light: scanner is ready to scan. Blinking green light: scanner is busy. USB port—Connects the scanner to the computer. Your Visioneer 7400 scanner can connect to either a USB 1.1 or a USB 2.0 port. • OCUMENTATION Your scanner is delivered with the following documentation: Quick Install Guide—Abbreviated installation instructions. ■ Visioneer OneTouch 7400 USB Scanner User’s Guide—On the ■ Installation CD; contains detailed installation, scanning, configuration, and maintenance information.

ScanSoft PaperPort User’s Guide—On the Installation CD. • ■ provided with the scanner you purchased. Disregard any information about software not applicable to your scanner. Please visit our web site at for the latest software updates for your Visioneer OneTouch 7400 USB scanner. If your computer is running Windows Vista, you may see the ■.

• 1: I NSTALL THE The Installation CD contains all the driver software and scanning software to use your scanner. To install the software: 1. Start Microsoft Windows and make sure no other applications are running.

Gigabyte ga h61m ds2 drivers Insert the installation CD into your computer’s CD-ROM drive. The Main Menu automatically opens. On the installation menu, select Install ScanSoft PaperPort and Scanner Driver. Make sure the boxes for Nuance PaperPort® and Scanner Driver are checked. If you also want to install the ArcSoft® Scrapbook Suite® software now, select it too.

You can also install it later. • The PaperPort installation options opens. The Select Language window opens. Click the drop-down menu arrow and select the language you want to use.

The first PaperPort Installation window opens. On the PaperPort Welcome window, click Next. Installing PaperPort will uninstall any existing version of PaperPort and will install the newer version while retaining all of your previous PaperPort files. • The Welcome to the OneTouch 4.0 Setup Wizard opens.

On the Visioneer License Agreement window, read the license agreement. If you accept the terms, select I Agree. If you choose not to accept the license agreement, the installation will terminate and the scanner driver will not be installed. Virtual cd download windows 10. A window opens with image quality samples asking you to select an image for your Color Space setting.