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Sad news for the MMO community as another short lived game bids farewell. It was announced last April 23, 2015 that Yulgang 2 SEA from Cubizone Philippines will be ceasing its operation effectively later at 11:59 PM, in just a few days after its announcement, the shortest in the local MMO scene as the average turnaround in this kind of game closure would be a month. The following is the rundown of the closure process: • As of the announcement, it will no longer be possible to purchase Zenith.

• Yulgang 2 SEA Activation site is now closed. • May 2, 2015, shutting down of the game server. • May 8, 2015, closing of the Yulgang 2 SEA forums. No details were mentioned for the reason of the said closure. Yulgang 2 only lasted for almost a year and a half with their open beta started last January 14, 2014. Players of Yulgang 2 will be compensated with migration package for Cubizone’s other MMORPG, Age of Kung Fu, more details are on their.

Manual Patches Name Detail Size Download 14.44 1.61 MB 14.43 1.01 MB 14.42 1.61 MB 14.41 326 KB ตัวเสริม Yulgang Fix 24 ส.ค.

• • • • • [] Announced just last June, a mere 7 months ago, the first official English server for is entering Open Beta this coming week! Published by Southeast Asia operator, Cubizone, Yulgang 2 is 1 of the newer “next-gen martial arts” online game to hit the market. Game website – Client download – Facebook page – Official forums – The stand-out feature is no doubt the, along with the awesome. PvP enthusiasts can also test their skills and knowledge is several upcoming, including a Dota-style map with towers and minions. Heck, there are even PvEvP maps and dungeons!

The most comprehensive MMO Games List! The center you can find all top & free MMORPG in our site. Yulgang 2 OBT แล้วจ้าวันนี้ เข้าไปสมัคร เล่นได้แล้ววันนี้ http://yulgang2.playpark.

There is something for the PvE lovers as well, with the (or Divine Beasts) allowing 3 to be summoned at any time! Divided into 3 categories, land mount, aerial mount and combat/ fighting pets, there is always a type suitable for everyone. For more casual features, there is the (with several exclusive perks) and also the incredibly. This is something I missed out covering for the Korean version, and damn the huge amount of work dedicated to this often overlooked feature. Before closing this countdown post, do note that there are 4 classes in Yulgang 2 currently, although the 5th Assassin class was revealed to be available during Open Beta. Yulgang 2 pretty much has every essential features included, and it can only get better over time.

Not every English translation of a game lands in the western world first., we announced Korean-based publisher Mgame had struck a deal with SEA publisher Cubizone to publish the first English translation of the non-target action Yulgang 2 in SEA regions. Cubizone initially intended to release the last year, but elected to delay the closed beta till late in December, pushing the open beta release to today. Although the servers are based in SEA, the English release of Yulgang 2 is a global one. Players can access the servers from practically anywhere without fear of an IP block. Having tested the connection from the United States, we found the game perfectly playable, with little visible delay. Having said that, the current localization version leaves much to be desired.

Yulgang 2 is a 3D faction-based, open world and non-targeting MMORPG which is set phipippines be yulgang 2 philippines this Q4 of 2013 by Yulgang 2 philippines. Download yulgang 2 philippines.

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The original Yulgang actually had an official release in the west, but under the name. Both are based on a Korean Manga called “Ruler of the Land” written in the mid nineties. Players interested in trying out Yulgang 2 for themselves can sign up.